A Discussion about the Important Safety Measurements taken in Various Fields of Engineering

  • September 10, 2016
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The field of engineering has increased its boundary to a great extent, over the last few years. Right from the creation of a small mechanical instrument to the huge services offered by the engineers in building high ways or space shuttles, everywhere there is a need for some efficient engineers, who has the capacity of taking our life styles to a different dimension.

But, before providing us with the latest technologies ever, there is a need for the engineers to maintain some Important Safety Measurements in their field works.Certain rules should be strictly followed by the engineers, which in reality, will enhance their skills as a good engineer.

Compulsory PPE for All the Workmen

The full form of PPE is, Personal Protective Equipment. In the field of engineering,PPE refers to, protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or the other designed equipment for protecting the body of the workmen from any kind of injury. PPE is needed when,there are some hazardous work is there for the engineers to perform. Any item of PPE has the capacity of creating a barrier between the user and his work environment.Therefore, using the PPE can minimize the chances of having a severe injury at the time of a field work.

Mandatory Area Cordoning

Area Cordoning is an essential thing to follow in the field of engineering. The selected area where the field work of engineering is going on should be cordoned by the workmen, in order to conduct the work in a more organized way. The exact area, where the work is going on needs to be cordoned, specially if the location is situated in a public place, due to the fact that, in this way it can be separated from the other places, situated around that exact place, for the people to avoid.

Safe Scaffolds and Self Standing Ladders

In the case of scaffolds a few safety tips needs to be followed by the users. The user need to pay an extra attention in the case of height and length of any particular dimension, which may affect the scaffold. One of the main important thing which should be there at the time of picking a scaffold is that, how much the maximum work load or the maximum number of people, a scaffold can take at a time.

When it comes to choose a ladder, at the time of conducting any kind of engineering job, then there is a need for you to go for the standing ladders, instead of the normal ladders. As nobody has to stand holding a standing ladder, the risk of having an injury after falling from a ladder is minimal.

Safety Supervisors

In order to conduct a field work, in engineering, there is a need for you to include some trained safety supervisors, who would look into the matter of the safety of your workmen. In this way, the chances of occurring an accident in the field will be decreased.

Daily Safety Meeting

Safety meeting are an essential part of conducting a work successfully. Daily safety meeting with your co-workers before starting any on-site project is very much essential. A proper outlook towards the safety, which should be maintained by your workmen can only be decided in a daily safety meeting.

Regular Awareness Program

Arranging a regular awareness program, is one of the most Important Safety Measurements, which you can take. The awareness program conducted by the experienced people, may arise the necessity of using PPE, in the field works of engineering.

Safety measurements are very much essential for conducting any kind of engineering job successfully. If all these safety measurements are taught by an experienced professional, then the problem of occurring any kind of disasters in the on-site projects can easily be avoided.


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