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Boundary Walls

Boundary walls are essential in making a property look attractive, as well as, secure.Each and every properties are surveyed, at the time of zoning for residential or official use. That is why, it is very important to ensure that the boundary walls and fences are correctly positioned in the first place. One of the most important thing about a boundary wall is that, the walls should complement the finish and the style of the building, in order to help in keeping the aesthetic uniformity

In spite of the other external focuses, these walls are the results of the internal conflict, which led one towards the construction of a boundary wall. Mainly there are three specific reasons, which are working behind the construction of a border wall,Establishing sovereignty over the ungoverned lands. Protecting the wealth of a particular house or a company, and also the walls also help one to protect the cultural practices of a certain place.

At AKS, we understand the demands of the clients, and our experts are always eager to work according to the expectations of the clients, and deliver an effective, as well as great piece of work. But there are a few things, which need to be considered by the owner of a company or a house, before selecting a certain construction company, who would take the responsibility of building a boundary wall.


The Design of the Wall

Proper engineering concepts needed to applied by the construction company, at the time of selecting a certain design of a boundary wall. Various styles of walls can be constructed, like- Tuscan, Victorian, Spanish, as well as other contemporary styles and designs. Both the thickness of the wall and the spacing between the bricks, need to be considered carefully.


The efficient, as well as experienced workers of AKS are always aware of the fact that, the construction of a good boundary wall heavily depends upon the condition of
the soil, on which it would be built and the slopes. Thus, examining the foundations of a boundary wall is very much essential. A general rule of construction is that, the wider and the deeper the foundation is, the more stability of the wall can be noticed.

Adequate Expansion Joints and Piers

Installing proper expansion joints and sufficient piers are one of the most important things, followed by the experts of AKS, as the lack of the above mentioned things,might lead the boundary walls towards having multiple cracks.

At AKS, we value the dreams of our clients, and thus, try our level best in providing the best ever result, according to the expectations of our clients. Ensuring the security of a property, is the main reason behind building a boundary wall, and our team is well aware of the fact that, some unending issues can actually be solved with a good boundary wall.