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Area Grading

Earthworks are engineering works which are conducted by moving or processing the parts of the earth’s surface, involving the quantities of soil or the uninformed rocks. In this case, the earth may be moved to a different location, in order to form a shape for a purpose. Generally Much of the earthwork involves machine excavations.

There are a lot of excavation techniques used in construction. Every single excavation technique, used by the team members of AKS, has its own purpose of the usage. The different excavation techniques includes-


Horizontal Excavation

With the view of avoiding the structural damages, this technique is used. Where there is no commercial or residential building, existing in the surrounding area, this type of technique is ideal for using there.


Vertical Excavation

This is one of the most commonly used excavation techniques, used widely. This technique is applied by the contractors in large urban areas, where the existence of numerous buildings can be observed.


Hybrid Excavation

An excavation technique, which covers both the technique of Horizontal and the Vertical Excavation techniques, are known as the Hybrid Excavation. This technique is only followed, when there is a need for having a deep excavation.



This is one of those useful techniques, applied by the contractors,in the waterlogged areas. This technique is also used, when there is a great chance of collapsing of the site.


Step Trenching

Step trenching also involves deep excavation. But, the main difference between step trenching and the other techniques of excavation is that, here steps are made. As, one digs deeper, the steps will become narrower. At AKS, proper safety measures are taken by the management, for conducting a program of excavation successfully, without leaving the chance of developing any kind of injuries of their workmen. AKS has put together a fleet of equipment specifically suited for the different project types located in different parts of the country.

Every excavation technique has its own purpose. But, before selecting a particular technique, there is a need for the contractors to conduct a study of the soil of a particular area and the other factors as well. The complex activity of construction is handled very well with the help of the experienced professionals of AKS.