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All civil works

AKS or Anand Kumar Singhania, an EPC Company is famed for delivering all types of civil works following total uprightness. All the projects related to construction are done under unique supervision. All the safety measures are totally taken good care of by minimizing the risk factors. We are closely associated with some reputed clients, who have helped us in developing our business.

However, while discussing our civil construction contracts, we can mention all the civil works that generally executed by our experienced and dedicated civil engineers. Yes, we have been dealing with all sorts of civil works that a professional civil engineer have to do. Construction of walls, buildings, roads, bridges, canals are the chief grounds of working of the civil engineers. Basically, planning, designing and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment are the major deeds that the civil engineers have to do


Sub-divisions of civil engineering

Civil engineering generally divided into several sub-sections including architectural engineering, structural engineering, urban or municipal engineering, transportation engineering, construction engineering, earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering,control engineering, forensic engineering, coastal engineering, facade engineering,materials engineering, wastewater engineering, environmental engineering, water resources engineering, offshore engineering, construction surveying.

Our teams include civil engineers, who are good enough in handling all such works with uttermost proficiency.


Understanding and working technique

Basically, the civil engineers do not have to work only on the construction or design, they have to know how to plan and what the ways are to execute that plan. The design and over all planning of the structure must be done by an expert professional. The selection of the to-be used materials need complete care and sincerity so that the project can get outstanding outcome. Loads of responsibilities have to be performed by the civil engineers and all the ones, attached to us do well with all such significant issues.

So, no matter whether it is the need of highway construction, road construction, wall construction or other civil works, having us would be nothing but the best option indeed.We are here to fetch out the greatest output possessing complete safety and utmost efficiency.